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Machine Learning with Marek Bardonski

Marek Bardonski, a Machine Learning expert with a specialization in Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analytics, held Machine Learning hands-on workshops in Manila in November 2019 in collaboration with Vector. The goal of the workshops was to support individuals and early stage startups who were interested in growing their machine learning toolkit by using industry tools to build ML models faster and at scale.

During the 2-hour workshop, the attendees learned practical skills in implementing machine learning models on Azure Machine Learning Studio and Google AutoML. Participants went through practical use cases and had hands-on exercises to apply the concepts.

Attendees were composed of startup ML engineers and students from local universities. The feedback they gave after the session was that these tools would greatly reduce the amount of time they currently spend building ML models.

Some attendees continued their discussion with Marek on their specific challenges in coffee chats set up by Vector on succeeding days.


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